Registration now open for the GOSPEL LEADER RESIDENCY

Registration now open for the GOSPEL LEADER RESIDENCY

The Gospel Leader Residency (GLR) is kicking off again this fall.

GLR is designed for followers of Jesus who simply want to grow in their knowledge of the Gospel — in their personal lives, their homes, social circles, places of employment, in every area of life — to whatever level of leadership they may be called to in West Village Church.

Everyone is welcome. GLR is the space, tools, and support you’ll need to help you focus your head, heart, and hands more on Jesus and what it means to be his people.

The first step is registration. After this you will be contacted by Chris who will let you know what your next steps will be in preparation for our first session together! 

The bar is high, the work is hard, but GLR is reasonable and accessible, and well worth your while.

We look forward to seeing you there this fall.