NEW Online/Mobile Giving with Planning Center Giving!!!

NEW Online/Mobile Giving with Planning Center Giving!!!
If you’ve been around West Village for awhile, you’ve already encountered Planning Center - we use PC Services for organizing our teams & schedules, PC Check-ins for Kids’ Ministry, and PC Registrations for our Retreat & other event registrations.  
And NOW we’re using PC Giving for donations! 
All PC modules revolve around your profile, so simply use the email you’ve already been using with other modules (to avoid duplicate profiles) and start donating through PC Giving.  Your profile will be connected to your giving records, allowing you to track your donations, download your tax receipts & give online or via text.  Now only 1 place to go for everything!!!  
And try the TEXT-TO-GIVE feature!  Simply text the amount you’d like to give & ‘wvw’ or ‘westshore' to 84321 (eg: “25 wvw” or “25 westshore").  You’ll receive a text response with a link to set up your profile & confirm your cell number.  Once you do the set-up, the next time you text-to-give, that’s all you have to do - you’ll receive a text response confirming your donation & you’re done!  Simple & easy!
NOTE for Pushpay Users: Our Pushpay account will close at the end of April so, if you have a recurring donation on that system, you need to pause or cancel it and create a new one with PC Giving BEFORE SUN APR 29TH to ensure no interruption to your donations.
If you have any questions or need help, contact Heather Weir at [email protected]com.