Here is a list of teams you may be able to help with.

1. Hospitality Team - Do you love having people over? Do you want to make sure that no one leaves your house hungry? If so then hospitality might be a great fit for you! Come hangout and help make Sunday mornings feel like a really good Family Gathering!

2. Kids Team - Love snuggling babies, or chasing toddlers, or perhaps you just like having a great discussion about pokemon cards with a grade 3 student. Either way we want to invite you to consider helping with the kids team to love and care for kids and facilitate an environment where they can learn the truths of Jesus!

3. Set Up Team - Do you love behind the scenes? This is a great chance to come help make sure everything is in place so our Sunday teams can function at full capacity! 

4. Sound and Tech Team - Are you someone who can't help but be on your computer or phone, or maybe old ladies are constantly asking you to fix their TV? Then Sound and Tech might be the right place for you!

For more information please email [email protected]